A chainsaw is one of the tools that are often used in everyday life, for example, a band saw machine. The band saw machines are unique in that they are able to cut in irregular shapes or irregular curves.  A Band Saw is able to cut well and sustainably. Best Band Saw cutting results are very precise so it is widely used in the wood processing industry. The smaller bandsaw is capable of cutting in a variety of patterns.

Bandsaw machines are a very common piece of equipment used in the carpentry industry. But before choosing a bandsaw, you should first know the important information about its uses and types in this article. From here, you will get a clear concept of the bandsaw. Check out this article and get complete information about the bandsaw.

What is a Bandsaw Machine?

A bandsaw, also known as a band saw, is a cutting tool with a long blade consisting of a toothed sheet of metal. The bandsaw has two or three wheels that rotate continuously without stopping on the same plane.

These wheels then move the blade to cut the object. The blades of a bandsaw can cut plastic, wood, and even metal, depending on the type of blade used.

Band saws are made in various shapes according to the size of the object being cut and the speed of the machine. This allows you to cut the corners of objects based on the features and surface of the bandsaw.

What is the Function of a Bandsaw Machine?

The main function of the bandsaw is to cut. As the function of a saw in general, a bandsaw is used by workers to cut an object quickly and effectively.

The teeth that are evenly distributed on the wheel allow you to get a smooth and uniform cut, regardless of the object of the cut. Band saws are also great for cutting irregular shapes, which other saws can’t do.

It’s fixed (static) position makes it easy to redirect the wood in any direction and achieve the cut you want. This flexibility also allows this tool to reuse remaining wood waste.

Types of Bandsaw Machines

Bandsaws come in various shapes and types. Each of these types has its own characteristics and purposes. It is very important that you know which type of band saw is suitable for the type of cutting you want in order to operate it smoothly.

Types of Bandsaw Machines Based on Shapes and Sizes

Based on the shape and size, bandsaws are divided into the following three types.

1. Vertical Bandsaw

The vertical bandsaw is the most common type of bandsaw used to cut hard objects such as metal. Most vertical bandsaws are very reliable cutting types with precise and smooth transmission results. With proper use of this bandsaw, you can complete complex cuts that cannot be done with other types of bandsaws.

2. Horizontal Bandsaw

The horizontal bandsaw is generally used to cut large metal into smaller sizes. This machine has versatile functions with greater cutting power. As the name implies, the working principle of the horizontal bandsaw is horizontal cutting. The position of the knife will cut the object horizontally and produce good cutting accuracy making it suitable for use by professionals and amateurs. However, this type of bandsaw is not recommended for complex cuts and curved lines.

3. Portable Bandsaw

The portable bandsaw is a type of band saw that is well known for its carrying capacity and lightweight. This type of bandsaw is very popular with woodworkers when traveling because of its easy-to-carry principle. Like when you want to chop down a large piece of wood, you only need to bring the bandsaw towards the wood, without having to move the large wood to the bandsaw machine.

This makes the job run more effectively. Its portability is not the only feature that makes it so beloved by all workers. This saw is also capable enough to cut edges, create curved lines and work on more complicated and irregular types of cuts.


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