The CLT panels are simple to work with and, since they’re made of wood, they don’t add to the home’s carbon footprint. The archimania group have been so impressed with CLT they immediately began to make use of it in other tasks, such as The Grove at Germantown Performing Arts Center. In 2020, the solar panels on the roof produced 17 % more electrical energy than the house consumed. The excess vitality is stored in a battery which can energy the home for as much as every week in emergencies.

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Empire is a refreshing experiment in quality over quantity, with value positioned on craftsmanship and detailing to create relatively compact, bespoke additions to the existing house. This has resulted in extremely habitable spaces in and out for all seasons. Parklife offers a diverse collection of sustainable, price efficient, neighborhood orientated properties. ParkLife has a massive energy score of 9.1 stars making it one of the most sustainable developments in Australia.

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