Blond wooden tv cabinets retain their old bulbous tubes that displayed only black and white footage. Blond midcentury nightstands and angular vintage lamps also remain. By 2015 that they had selected a 53-room lodge and hired Commune, a Los Angeles firm familiar with modernizing 1960s-era properties while leaving their charm intact. Opened in 1968, the structure initially housed the headquarters of the Home Savings and Loan Association. The Eighties financial savings and loan disaster knocked out that bank, and a 2008 merger forced out its successor. When you see, or hear, the word “Watergate,” likelihood is you consider the unlawful break-in dedicated within the Washington, D.C., building of the identical name.

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On Ormond Quay Lower going through the River Liffey and the pedestrianised Ha’penny Bridge. It’s a stone’s throw from the vigorous Temple Bar space, with cobbled streets crammed with bars and live music. The Standard, East Village, normally transforms its year-round backyard right into a winter wonderland from late November via to the following March and, pre-pandemic, this concerned heated yurts, gruyere fondue and sizzling ‘spiked’ drinks. This yr, nonetheless, they’re scaling it again a bit, but that doesn’t imply the festive actions aren’t still on tap.

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