When it comes to storing and serving wine, the temperature plays a significant part. Therefore this blog will inform one on the ideal temperature to store wine in, the best conditions for storing one’s wine, at which temperature wine should be served, and why it is essential. Furthermore, one can choose a wine cooler dual zone to store their wine in, or if you want something more mobile and not built-in, you can look at purchasing a wine storage cabinet.

The ideal temperature to store wine at

The temperature plays a crucial part in ensuring that wine will age correctly. Therefore, full-bodied red wines are best stored in temperatures between 17°C to 19°C. However, if you prefer light-to-medium-bodied wines, you should keep the temperature between 12°C and 16°C. In addition to this, if you prefer a dry white, you should store them at temperatures between 8° C and 12°C. Lastly, for any sparkling or sweet wine, they should be stored between 5°C and 8°C.

The best storage conditions for wine

To ensure that one’s wine will age well and not go bad, one must ensure that the right conditions are in place when storing their wine. Therefore, one should not store wine close to any strong or potent smells, negatively impacting the wine and cork. In addition, there needs to be consistent airflow. Furthermore, wine excels in dark environments that have no vibrations. Vibrations could include moving wine around or baning any objects nearby. Lastly, the environment where you store your wine needs to have a humidity level lower than 70%, as anything higher can cause an excess of mould to grow, which causes the wine bottles and labels to become fragile.

Why serving wine at the correct degree is essential.

When serving wine, one often just grabs the bottle and places it on the table, not caring if it is at the correct temperature. This is a common mistake that most make. However, it is essential to ensure that it is at the proper serving temperature when serving any wine. Ensuring so is vital when wanting to unlock all of those gorgeous aromas and flavours present. When one does not serve a bottle of wine at the correct temperature, some of the flavours get lost, and therefore, you cannot truly appreciate all of the critical components and flavours that embody the wine.

At what temperature should wine be served

When storing wine, one needs to store each wine at a different temperature. This is also relevant when serving wine. Therefore here are the ideal temperatures to serve wine according to the different types. For example, a temperature of 19°C is perfect for serving a vintage port. Furthermore, when serving any red wines such as Bordeaux, Shiraz, Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Chianti and Zinfandel are best kept between 18°C and 15°C.

Additionally, 14°C is best to serve any Tawny/NV Ports. Moreover, for any White wines or Rosé, 12° to 11°C is best; with Chardonnay being the exception of being preferably served at 9°C. Lastly, any champagne, sparkling, or dessert wine at 7°C is best. It is important to note that one should serve Champagne chilled.

Temperature is a huge factor when it comes to storing and serving wine. Therefore, it is essential when storing wine that the temperature is correct according to its specifications. Additionally, the environment should be dark, and there should be consistent airflow. Moreover, when one serves wine, make sure it is at the correct temperature to ensure you and your guests can enjoy all the flavours present.

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