Here, a small incision has been made to access and repair the problematic central core, to maximum effect. Garden House produces 100kwh per day and has a 26kwh Tesla battery. A high-performing, hi tech, inner-city oasis, Garden House is our most sustainable house but. Austin Maynard Architects were decided to take care of and encourage a major indigenous garden, to counterpoint the block, to contribute greenery to the road and to create another pocket park in Fitzroy. The jap garden, which was obscured behind a tin fence, was already lengthy established with thriving Ornamental Pear and Silver Birch timber. Instead of clearing the site , nice care, consideration and even greater lengths were taken to save the timber.

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In the garage a raise provides direct access to all three flooring, hid throughout the kitchen cabinetry at the third flooring level. Empire House is an exercise in thought of intervention and restraint. It would have been simpler, and lots less enjoyable, to knock down the existing cottage and begin once more. The two new pavilions sit comfortably adjoining to the prevailing home and place the inhabitants in a wonderful, established garden that is attribute of this Canberra suburb. The aim was to retain as a lot of the existing character of the positioning as possible and avoid the common development of pulling down or adding a dominant and unsympathetic addition.

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