This year, you’ll be surprised to see that several eco-friendly and flexible materials are making their way into office design. Wood and metal will make a big comeback and more natural elements. Here are some trends this year.


With rising consumer awareness about the environment and sustainability, office furniture manufacturers adopt new eco-friendly manufacturing practices. These products are derived from recycled materials and require less energy and labor than their conventional counterparts. Some manufacturers have even made their statements publicly to promote the use of eco-friendly products like the new office furniture Indianapolis. Some have even pledged to reduce their waste by half and use 100% local renewable sources.

Among the latest eco-friendly office furniture solutions are modular millwork. Modular millwork can be reconfigured to meet various needs and designs made from recycled materials. This means no need for different kinds of office furniture, reducing the carbon footprint of companies. Modular millwork is also easier to manage and maintain than conventional office furniture. With these advantages, more businesses are considering environmentally friendly office furniture.


Looking for the latest office furniture trend, look no further than modular furniture. Not only can these pieces be disassembled to create new configurations, but they are also portable and easy to store. In addition to modular desks and chairs, the latest styles also include privacy screens and movable walls. More importantly, these designs encourage co-working and encourage employees to feel comfortable. In addition, the latest designs allow workers to work independently or collaboratively, depending on their individual needs.

While open office space will never be gone, companies are increasingly looking for ways to give their employees private spaces to focus on projects. With that in mind, companies are turning to functional furniture to help them remain active and creative while working. One famous example is insulated phone booths. A multi-functional office is ideal for increasing employee productivity. In addition, flexible office furniture is comfortable to use, but it’s also eco-friendly.


Wooden office furniture adds character, warmth, and biophilic texture to an office space. While rustic and country-style designs are popular, most commercial designs are increasingly moving toward an organic motif to attract top talent. Moreover, wood-framed conference tables and sleek, prefabricated wood office spaces are two of the most popular additions to this new design trend. Reclaimed wood is also becoming increasingly popular for use in offices. It is also a popular option for office interiors, but it’s vital to choose non-toxic finishes for these pieces to avoid causing harm to employees or the environment.

Another popular option for wood-framed desks and other furniture pieces is LVT flooring. Wood is durable and stylish and comes in various species and finishes, including reclaimed wood and engineered wood. You can even cut the LVT flooring to display your company’s logo. The options for wood-framed decks are endless. These trendy options are perfect for offices of any size. While wood-framed office furniture may not be the best choice for every space, it can be an excellent accent for any office.


If you’re looking for office furniture that will make your work area stand out, you might want to consider metal. This new trend isn’t limited to the office, however. It can be used in smaller settings, too, including your patio. Metal accent pieces are the perfect way to add a little flair to your space. It’s also durable, making it the ideal option for outdoor furniture. Read on to find out more about this latest trend in office furniture.

Modern home and office designs blend old and new design elements. Geometric patterns are a great way to add a retro touch to your workspace. Large areas can display vibrant colors, and smaller ones can show muted tones. Pairing engineered hardwood with LVT is a great way to neutralize the room’s colors and complement the surrounding design elements. Mixing metal finishes with wooden pieces is another way to add a fun twist to your office.

Floating shelves

If you’re looking for new ways to organize your desk, you may want to consider floating shelves. These modern shelves can mimic the look of a built-in bookcase. When choosing a floating shelf for your desk, keep in mind the size of the recess. Larger recesses require thicker shelves, while small niches will accommodate slimmer ones. Floating shelves can be placed at the arm’s length of a desk chair or near a standing person. You can even put them behind your desk to provide immediate access to your books and files.

Floating shelves offer an attractive way to store your items while maintaining an air of elegance. They are an effective way to maximize storage space without taking up valuable floor space. Floating shelves can also be used in unconventional ways, such as in an office environment with a formal or informal atmosphere. Floating shelves are easy to install with hidden brackets. Floating shelves should be mounted on studs to avoid damaging them.

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