Nowadays, folks construct modern cabins as their primary residence in rural and even suburban settings for the aesthetic. The exterior nonetheless typically is fashioned with logs, or it’s at least clad in wood as a nod to the original type. Mary Maydan ofMaydan Architects broke the mildew of traditional structure in Silicon Valley when she designed this residence for her family. This exterior shot of the again of the home exhibits that it’s all about indoor/outdoor residing, with massive home windows blurring the road between the two.

Latest Development Project

Other forms of houses that correspond when it comes to dimension and luxury to mansions embody castles, palaces, chateaus, villas and manors. However, in a more fashionable language, it’s usually used to refer to a vacation residence, the size of which greatly varies but can truly be a quite massive and luxurious property. Located in Melbourne, Australia, Finnis Architects has completed Hampton Residence, a stylish residential project combining open plan residing and entertaining zones with non-public family areas.

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