The second project, Casa Productiva, formed part of a larger scheme by authorities company Infonavit (the National Workers’ Housing Fund Institute). It was also commissioned by Zedillo, who was, at the time, head of the agency’s research centre for sustainable improvement. The agency, which is committed to bettering living circumstances for low-income workers in the country, invited 32 structure studios to create housing fashions. Find a tranquil spot, park up and literally unfold this fantastically practical modern house. Combining the mobility of a caravan with the economic system of modern modular design, this vibrant and compact, checkered timber housing unit can be taken and set up anywhere. A centrepiece in this assortment of low cost properties benefiting from fashionable design concepts, this eye-catching development is fabricated from repurposed packing pallets!

Design + Build

The buildings occupy a smaller footprint as in comparability with a typical slum with dense lodging, thus using the land more efficiently and making the community members long run stakeholders. The scheme additionally benefits the neighborhood with livelihood workshops, renewable energy, and water administration coaching applications. Based on the philosophy of architect John F. C. Turner, who stated that housing if not an ongoing process leads to squatting and large housing deficits. The forestry company Arauco asked the architect’s assist to produce a development plan for housing their workers in Chile after the earthquake disaster that killed over 80% of the buildings in the city.

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