Gazebo, Tennis Court & open air breeze back grounds overlooking superbly maintained gardens. Picturesque park like grounds face Greensboro Country Club golf course. To the best is a lounge with a fire and a bay window overlooking the entrance porch.

Gillette Furniture Consignment

The frequent area includes a galley-style kitchen with breakfast bar, a storage closet, a dining room with utility room, and a large balcony located off the lounge. I don’t know the scale of your rooms however I ,too, once lived in a 125 yr.old home with eleven ft. ceilings. And I had the same problem with pocket doorways, tall home windows, further doorways. But thankfully, every room was massive sufficient to keep the furniture grouped principally in the central area of the rooms,away from partitions. Again, thank goodness we have been capable of put an enormous island in the center of the kitchen for prep area. I know that’s one of the challenges of residing in an older residence.

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